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Pond project
The council are proud of the Memorial Gardens and Pond area and appreciate that many younger residents, especially, love seeing and feeding the ducks. One of the downsides of having a pond with ducks is that they sometimes nibble away at the banks which eventually can cause erosion, over a period of time. The council recently employed a specialist to estimate what work would be required to stop erosion by ducks and what it would cost. He suggested putting an eco-friendly boarding along the unprotected bank side and back filling with soil to make an even top surface. In addition they have agreed to make good the entrance of the Memorial Gardens to considerably help ease of access to pushchairs and wheelchairs. The works cost £1600 which the council initially agreed to pay out of their reserves. However, after hearing this, the Custodians of CAST agreed to fund the project out of monies they had left over from the campaign to stop the warehousing and football ground near the M1 several years ago. Their terms of reference state any monies left over should be allocated to a project that would “have a beneficial effect on the wellbeing and character of the community”. Therefore the monies were handed to the council to pay for this very worthwhile project at the pond. The council are extremely grateful for such a generous donation that will safeguard the pond, making it more attractive whilst enhancing the Memorial Gardens for many years to come.
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